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A New Firm with Award Winning Heritage.

Our company is built to deliver innovative investment solutions that are designed for goal-based investing. GBW is proudly led by founder and award-winning portfolio manager Geoff Wilson1.

We have partnered with Bridgehouse Asset Managers to create alternative funds which can act as an all-weather insurance policy for your overall wealth portfolio.

Our point of difference is our unique approach to bringing an all-weather strategy to goal-based investing.

The team brings a powerful blend of retail fund management with global bank trading and risk management strategies.

PMAC logo GB Wealth Inc. (GBW) is a registered Portfolio Manager and Commodity Trading Manager under the laws of Ontario. GB Wealth is also a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC).

1 Geoff has been a portfolio manager on funds that have been recognized by independent organizations with awards for superior performance in a category. A list of awards is available upon request.

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The Strategy

Introducing a new All-Weather solution

What Is an All-Weather Strategy?

An All-Weather strategy holds different asset classes, each of which can perform relatively well during different economic environments. The funds, sub-advised by GBW, are actively managed alternative funds that seek to enhance the assets which are expected to perform best in the current environment and use macro-hedging to manage excess volatility in the market.

These are a new generation of All-Weather funds. Our dynamic asset allocation model creates an active, more tactical and flexible strategy to take advantage of changing global macro trends.

The purchase of equity put options is designed to safeguard core equity growth while offering increased protection from extreme market losses.

The funds are designed to capture the long-term growth of the economy while smoothing the path and minimizing harmful volatility and drawdowns.
We proactively purchase option protection on a tactical and strategic basis to manage downside risk in weaker markets.

The Funds

Growth with Lower Portfolio Volatility

Global Macro All Weather + Dynamic Asset Allocation + Downside Put Protection = A Smoother Journey

Growth Fund

Growth Fund

Generate capital appreciation while achieving a positive rate of return over a rolling period of...
2 years
5 years
Fee Structure
F-Series Management Fee
85 bps
100 bps
Daily liquidity, no lock-up and planned conversion to Mutual Fund
Performance fees
More information

For Accredited Investors Only by Offering Memorandum

What is Goal-Based Investing?

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." — Henry Ford

Goal-based investing (GBI) is a relatively new approach to wealth management that targets specific financial life goals with a defined purpose.

Wealth is better defined and understood through your ability to meet your financial goals.

GBW advised funds are constructed within a wealth allocation framework that is highly diversified. The funds are designed to align with basic investor goals that aim to protect purchasing power, maintain a living standard and enhance lifestyle.

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Key Service Providers

Strong Partners with established global presence

GB Wealth has been retained as a portfolio sub-advisor of the funds by Bridgehouse Asset Managers who have built a strong presence in Canada for over 20 years with AUM of $4.7 Billion as at December 31, 2022. Bridgehouse Asset Managers act as the investment fund manager of the funds.

Bridgehouse has engaged State Street Fund Services and State Street Trust Company Canada to provide fund administration, fund accounting and fund custody services. The transfer agent is International Financial Data Services and audit services are provided by PriceWaterhouse Coopers LLP.

Bridgehouse Asset Managers logo

Bridgehouse Asset Managers is an independent platform for products from investment managers with deep institutional roots. Through financial advisors, we aim to help Canadians build their long-term wealth by following sound investing principles.


Calm waters

The GB Wealth "Signature"

We are a boutique fund advisor

GB Wealth is an employee-owned investment management firm. The partners have invested personal capital in the funds. As principals, we take a stake in our performance, growth, and client experience. Our culture is based on integrity, transparency, trust, and intellectual curiosity.

We seek to align the fund with investors' goals by not charging performance fees in order to remove any perception of a conflict of interest between our goals and our clients’ goals. Bridgehouse Asset Managers have created bespoke funds to solve for short, medium, or long-term goals. Our approach combines sophistication in strategy and tactics, while keeping our goals refreshingly simple—an unwavering commitment to a smoother path to growth.


Meet the team

Geoff Wilson is the former Head of Asset Allocation and Innovative Solutions at TD Asset Management where he led several successful portfolio management groups across multiple asset classes. At GB Wealth he has assembled a team of experienced investment professionals who are committed to a goal-based approach to investing.

Our vision is to be a leading firm in engaging both advisors and investors to view goals-based investing as the next evolution of an enriched client experience.

Get in touch

  • Geoff Wilson photo

    Geoff Wilson, CFA

    President & Chief Compliance Officer

    Geoff Wilson has been investing for over 30 years, most recently with TD Asset Management where he managed funds in excess of $75 billion of AUM. Read more

    Over the last two decades, Geoff has managed the design and implementation of some of the most successful new mutual fund products in Canada. He has grown funds to positions of market leadership under both absolute and relative return mandates. Along the way, Geoff has been recognized with 31 awards across multiple asset classes.

  • David A. Wilson photo

    David A. Wilson

    Chief Risk Officer

    David Wilson has managed market risk for 30+ years, most recently as Managing Director at RBC Corporate Treasury. Read more

    Beginning his career on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange, he later expanded his expertise to include money markets, foreign exchange, bonds and derivatives. David spent 18 years at RBC as an absolute return portfolio manager trading bank capital in proprietary G7 global macro portfolios. The result is a skill set that features strong risk management in complex and challenging market environments.

  • David Campbell photo

    David L. Campbell

    Managing Director, Head of Business Development

    David has 30 years of sales, business development and management experience across several industries including commodities, software, digital marketing and financial services. Read more

    David co-founded and led a national software firm in the automotive industry with over 60 employees and 2500 business customers for more than a decade. His focus on connecting people with solutions is based on simplicity and transparency. He brings management experience, energy and passion to building GBWealth.

  • Kumail Taqvi photo

    Kumail Taqvi, CFA

    Portfolio Manager

    Kumail has over 15 years of experience in financial markets, most recently as a portfolio manager at TD Asset Management. Read more

    Kumail has played a leading role in the development and execution of protected equity funds. He has implemented institutional trading strategies using complex derivative trades with a focus on operational excellence. His knowledge and experience in the option markets enables him to efficiently execute a strategy built from a global macroeconomic perspective.

  • Joanne Poulin photo

    Joanne Poulin

    Manager, Client Service

    Joanne has spent over 15 years in capital markets, where she was responsible for managing the client experience. Read more

    Joanne managed Institutional Foreign Exchange client relationships at TD and CIBC before moving to fixed income and private clients. Her experience solving for the expectations and requirements of a diverse client base gives her a practical insight into the investment industry. Her knowledge of financial markets is enhanced by her strategic approach to communicating investment ideas across digital media.


Discover our GB Wealth White Papers

As part of our ongoing commitment to share thoughts and research with clients, we publish white papers and thought-leadership publications. As a firm, we seek to engage and educate investors with our perspectives and information consistent with our vision that encourages the growth and development of goal-based investing (GBI).

Through education and awareness, we aim to establish ourselves as industry leaders in Canada by partnering with advisors and private investors and broaden the use of alternative investments as part of an overall asset mix.

Download the white paper (48 KB)