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The All-Weather Strategy

Key Insights

  • A Diversified Approach to Stable Investment Returns
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation and Risk Mitigation

GB Wealth White Papers

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The All-Weather Strategy


GB Wealth White Papers

Read our white papers to learn more about the strategies we use to help investors meet their financial goals.

As part of our ongoing commitment to share thoughts and research with clients, we publish white papers and thought-leadership publications. As a firm, we seek to engage and educate investors with our perspectives and information consistent with our vision that encourages the growth and development of goal-based investing (GBI).

Through education and awareness, we aim to establish ourselves as industry leaders in Canada by partnering with advisors and private investors and broaden the use of alternative investments as part of an overall asset mix.

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The Funds

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Our strategies aim to maintain flexibility and deliver a smoother journey to investors through our dynamic asset allocation model that takes advantage of changing global macro trends.

Growth Fund

Growth Fund

Fund Code
Time Horizon
Optimized for a rolling time horizon of...
2 years
5 years
For Accredited Investors Only by Offering Memorandum



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